There’s a road from Rome that crosses the green countryside, and Tuscany’s rolling hills, than passes through the rich northern cities and finally reaches a town surrounded by some imposing peaks reflected in its blue lake. It is not a trip I had ever thought to do, but I found myself on that road few years ago in a hot summer day. Little did I know, I had left my home in Rome to reach Como, a new and unknown place.

Even these days, I’m not sure why a girl born in the center of Rome, who lived in Milan and USA, a lover of fancy cities, of beauty and good life, of food and wines, was on that road.

What I’m sure about is that this town seduced me with its deep lake, sometimes blue and sometimes green, its tall mountains, its slow pace, its narrow twisting roads, the unexpected glimpses, the smiles of old fishermen, the traditions kept with care.

My goal is to offer you the best of the things I love.

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